Get Started

Joining Cancer Support Community is FREE and easy

When you are part of the Cancer Support Community, you have access to all of the support services we offer at no charge. Whether you are living with cancer, or supporting someone who is, we invite you to join us.  

First, complete our Newcomer Registration Form. Please provide us with your name and basic contact information so you can sign up for events online. If you prefer to sign up by phone, please call us at 617-332-5777.

Attend a Newcomer Meeting

This is a time to learn about our mission, philosophy, and program. We offer these meetings monthly, and you can register via our calendar. When you register, you will be asked to create a Log-In for our online portal if you have not done so already. If you have questions, please call us at 617-332-5777 or send an email to [email protected].  

Following this meeting, we will ask you to complete a survey called CancerSupportSource™. This will be emailed to you and contains questions about common concerns for those impacted by cancer. After completing this survey, you will be sent individualized resources to address your concerns. The results of this survey help our staff guide you to programs and resources that are right for you.  

Meet One-On-One

You can schedule this directly with a staff member following the Newcomer Meeting. This is a time to: 

  • Take a direct role in identifying your needs.
  • Identify and review any additional resources.
  • Get your questions about Cancer Support Community answered.
  • Discuss CancerSupportSource™ results and identified needs, if applicable.