Kristin Laferty, LICSW

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Portrait of Kristen Laferty
Program Director

Kristin is a Maryland native where she earned her MSW degree from The University of Maryland School of Social Work. While still in graduate school Kristin was inspired to develop her clinical skills to serve patients in the medical setting.  When she was awarded a post graduate fellowship in Palliative Care at Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital, she felt right at home working directly with cancer patients and their caregivers.  Over the past 20 + years, Kristin has discovered that working with oncology, hospice, palliative care and medically fragile patients is the most rewarding of all her clinical work.  Outside of her professional endeavors, Kristin volunteers her time as a board member for Young Life, a non-profit benefitting middle and high school students’ well-being.  Kristin also enjoys DIY projects and is most happy dreaming up projects, bringing them to life and then posting the results on Instagram.